Intense (Mental) Attack”

This is a true story;

On Christmas Eve night in 2004, I fled St. Louis, Missouri where I was born and raised, running for my life, because I revealed to my so-called wife, my mother, business partners, family and friends. That I had been (secretly) doing research on them under the disguise of a crack addiction for two and a half years, an I exposed they were all envious and jealous of me, plotting to murder me, and take control of my company Mental Engineering…..

I told them I was developing a new style of writing called “Real World Writin”, and I was about to start a new company called Mental Entertainment, and publish a series of books in this new style of writing. I also revealed that I have a (Mental) ability, and when they read the books, they would be “Shocked” an “Amazed” at what I can do. The first book “Intense (Mental) Attack” is part of my plan, to destroy the Reputation (Mind) and Lives of everybody who betrayed me, and build my new company in the process…..

So what you are about to read, was written in 2005, while I was living in Gulfport, Mississippi. I was also emailing select pages back to St. Louis, to prove everything I was saying, and doing, was true, and to humiliate my enemies. So brace yourself, this will be unlike anything you have ever read before, and to prove that, we will refund your money, if you are not “Shocked” an “Amazed”!!!!!


Until Judgement Day


In it, To win it, “Shock” “Amaze” and make it “Blaze”

For: Mental Entertainment