My State of (Mind)

I (think) it’s important to let the reader know my state of (mind) when I decided to launch an “Intense (Mental) Attack” on everybody in St. Louis that betrayed me, and write it, as it was unfolding…..

Ok, imagine having an idea as a child around eleven or twelve years old that stays with you until your early twenties, then you make a decision to develop that idea into a product, and pursue it with all your heart and soul…..

Then after seven years or more of commitment and sacrifice, you finally start to see all your hard work pay off, only to discover the very people you (thought) were your biggest support were really your worst enemies (secretly) plotting against you, how would that make you feel??…..

I went through several emotions, such as hurt, anger, rage and the highest sense of betrayal, and I wanted revenge. Now, what nobody knew about me, was that I was fascinated with the power of the (mind), specifically its ability to “create” and its telepathic and telekinetic abilities…..

So as I was practicing my ability to “create” I was (secretly) studying and testing the possibilities of telepathy and telekinesis…..

Telepathy: Communication from one (mind) to another.

Telekinesis: The movement of objects with the (mind).

“Intense (Mental) Attack” was my therapy, and a way to (test) the reality of telepathy, and causing an effect in some ones (mind) as a form of punishment and revenge. I was told by that {inner voice}: “No matter what you do to them, your success will be your greatest revenge, because that’s what they didn’t want for you.”…..

So I’m motivated with an “intense” desire to succeed as my revenge…..


In it, To win it, “Shock” “Amaze” and make it “Blaze”

For: My Revenge